Want to Pay Less Tax?

We help pharmacists in Canada pay less tax every year with accounting & financial solutions



Pay Less Tax

Save $3,780 to $30,410+ in taxes this year and every year going forward.

Start/Grow Your Pharmacy

Start a pharmacy, grow your revenues, and improve profitability to 10%-15%+.

Grow Your Wealth

Payoff debts faster and retire with a $1M to $3M+ nest egg sooner.

About Pharma Tax

The #1 expense of any pharmacist in Canada is tax. At any average tax rate of 43%, almost half of what you make goes to tax! 

Yet, many accountants and consultants are generalists that don’t really know how pharmacy operates. As a result, many pharmacists, especially pharmacy owners, are missing out on tax planning strategies that are unique ONLY to pharmacy.

We help pharmacists like you pay less tax, start/grow your pharmacy, and grow your wealth.

We aren’t just another group of accountants and financial advisors, we are pharma financial experts ready to take you and your pharmacy to the next level.

    This year alone, I am saving over $9,300. I have had professionals that aren't specialized in pharmacy, which is what led me to Pharma Tax.

    I like having peace of mind that they are quarterbacking my personal & pharmacy finances and being the link between other professionals and me.

    - Jennifer, Existing Pharmacy Owner

    Your help with our pharmacy business has made this easier to move forward especially since owning a pharmacy is not something I have ever done despite my many years of expertise and experience.

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do when it comes to our financial future.

    - Dale, New Pharmacy Owner

    Do you want to start saving thousands in tax every year?

    Do you want to start saving thousands in tax every year?