Keep More of What You Earn


We help pharmacists pay less tax.
If we can’t, you don’t pay*

Accountant for Pharmacists

Helping Pharmacists with their Accounting and Finances

No matter what type of pharmacist you are, we can help you keep more of what you earn:

Tax Planning

Do you want to minimize how much tax you pay every year?

Tax Returns

Do you need personal and/or corporate tax returns done?


Do you need accounting help like managing payroll or paying bills?


Are you unsure whether or not you should incorporate? See if it’s right for you.


Are you looking to buy or sell your pharmacy? Learn the steps required.


Do you need help finding the best rates for personal and business lending?

Net Worth

Do you have a strategy to reach your financial goals? Most people don’t.

Estate & Insurance

Are you protected in case of an emergency? Disaster proof your life.

You’re Paying More in Tax Than You Should

These are the most common problems we hear from Pharmacists.

The result? Thousands of dollars that go to tax every year that should remain in your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer.

My Accountant isn't Proactive

Often, accountants wait until tax-time to offer you tax planning. By that time, it’s too late. Or does your accountant not offer you tax planning at all?

Pharmacists would like a proactive accountant who sets tax planning strategies in advance to save as much tax as possible.

My advisors don't talk to each other

Pharmacists are very busy and find it tough to find time to meet with each of their financial advisor, lawyer, banker, etc.

And because they don’t talk to one another, they aren’t on the same page and can give conflicting recommendations. As a result, strategies often don’t get implemented correctly or not done at all. This results in more tax paid than intended.

Pharmacists would like someone to coordinate their team of advisors.

I don't have a financial plan

7 out of 10 people don’t have a financial plan.

A financial plan links all the pieces of true wealth management: tax, investments, insurance, business planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. Without a plan, you will never know if you are on course to reaching your financial goals.

Pharmacists would like a professional who can put all these pieces together and determine a strategy to meet their goals.

Simplify Your Life & Free Up Time

Pharmacists struggle for time. Let us help.

Our philosophy is to be proactive accountants that plan tax strategies in advance, not last minute like many accountants do.

We then coordinate with your team of professionals on your behalf so that you can spend more time with your patients and your family.

Tax & Accounting for Pharmacists

Switching Accountants is Easy

*If we cannot help you pay less tax, your tax plan is FREE.

Switching accountants is as easy as a patient switching pharmacies.

Request a Free Consultation

We are flexible to meet at your office or at one of ours.

The goal here is to discuss issues you are having and recommend solutions to these problems.

Get a Tax Plan

You’ll get a tax plan outlining a detailed strategy to reduce your taxes and how to reach your financial goals.

We then implement this tax plan by coordinating with the rest of your advisory team (financial advisor, lawyer, banker, etc.) so that everyone is on the same page in reaching your financial goals.

Pay Less Tax Every Year

We continually monitor the progress of the tax plan so that at tax time, there are no surprises and you pay the least amount of tax possible.

What are you waiting for? Start keeping more of what you earn.

What are you waiting for? Start keeping more of what you earn.