Did you know? Being a pharmacist is ranked 11th out of 100 for Canada’s Best Jobs of 2017 for the best pay, the most opportunity, and brightest outlook.

That is something to be very proud of. Cue a “jump for joy” moment!

That said, do you know how many of your peers are employed vs unemployed?

Take a guess.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information released this report earlier this year in January on a 10 year study done from 2006-2015 of the pharmacy workforce.

Here’s an infographic about the employment rate in the pharmacist workforce in an effort to educate yourselves and us about your 42,000+ peers in Canada.

Pharmacist Employment Rate in Canada

The unemployment rate among pharmacists has gone down over the past decade, from 11% in 2006 to just under 5% in 2015.

What can this be attributed to?

Demand in hospitals and pharmacies has grown over the years as more and more baby boomers retire in Canada. As seniors continue growing their share of Canada’s population, this trend should persist over the next few years and decade.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information has an excellent infographic on Canada’s seniors population outlook, which projects that over the next 20 years, Canada’s seniors population is expected to grow by 68%.

Do you expect a shortage of pharmacists over the next decade as more baby boomers retire?

Ricardo Ardiles
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