Are you one of approximately 74% of Canadians who don’t have a valid or up-to-date personal Will?

Have you not prepared your Wills because…

…you think your personal situation is simple?

…you think your financial situation doesn’t warrant having one?

…you think you’re too young to have one?

…you think that Government regulation will appropriately distribute your assets at death?


Intestacy laws are NOT meant to determine what your final wishes are.

They are general rules, charge probate fees, and your family will likely have to fight to get what they deserve.

Think about the years, or decades, that you have been working for:

…your home

…your pharmacy

…your savings & investment accounts

…literally everything you own

Did you spend your whole life working for these things only to let Government decide what happens to these things in the event of your death?

Of course you haven’t!

Here’s what happens when you die without a Will in Ontario.

You never know when your time will come, so prepare for the unexpected with proper Estate Planning.

Ryan Carson

Ryan Carson

BKin, LL.B | Lawyer

Ryan Carson, BKin, LL.B., practices Real Estate Law, Corporate & Business Law, Wills & Estate Administration, and Intellectual Property Law. Ryan is a registered trademark agent.

Ryan’s goal is to help you in various legal aspects of your Pharmacy, including but not limited to: drafting shareholder agreements, assisting in the sale and purchase of your Pharmacy, and drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Website: http://www.breenlaw.ca/

Ryan Carson
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